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Cleaning commercial places during COVID 19 pandemic

Sydney has been hit badly by Coronavirus, but, during this crisis, we have pledged to keep the employees safe and help prevent further outbreak of the virus. We provide complete sanitisation and sterilisation of the office premises giving zero possibility for the virus to bloom. The professional cleaners wear protective gears as per instruction from global health organisations. You can get in touch with our coronavirus cleaners at 0417 417 400.

Commercial Cleaning in Sydney

Only a clean office offers the best place to work enhancing productivity and maintaining a healthy environment. Employees also feel a positive vibe around the office premises when it stays spotless.

Sydney Commercial Cleaners goes beyond the conventional cleaning procedure to make a place flawless. Employees spend a lot of their time in their cubicle and hence it is crucial that the place doesn’t feel muted rather is tidy. It enhances the environment and makes the small cubicle dear to them. Our experts will wipe off any dust residue yet keeping the documents right where they belong. Your employees will never feel their things moved or displaced. It will be as we were never there!

We have been cleaning offices for over a decade and this makes us the best in town. Hire us for any commercial cleaning.

  • We clean all the electrical panels
  • We clean the kitchen top, sink and fridge to remove any oil residue
  • Cleanse microwave thoroughly
  • Wipe every glass panel inside and outside
  • Thoroughly clean electronic components of an office like computer screens, keyboards and phones

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Why Choose Us

If you scroll through the search results, you will land on various companies offering commercial cleaning service in Sydney. But, why should you only trust us?

Experienced Cleaners

All are professionally trained and experienced, ready to help you.

Eco-friendly agents

We offer eco-friendly cleaning solution to kill germs and bacteria.

Rapid service

We understand the value of time and so offer rapid service always.

Advanced equipment

Depending on the work, we trust our powerful and advanced equipment.

Reliable work

You can always rely on our work for a flawless finish and spotless

Microfiber cloths

We use high quality microfiber cloths depending on the surface to remove germs.

Where do we offer our services

We work in different sectors of commercial establishments and diverse magnitude. Give us a call at 0417 417 400 to know more about our ways of working and where lies our area of expertise.

Trusted by thousands of people and companies

Safety Standards

Sydney Commercial Cleaners' employees and sub-contractors follow strict safety standards in accordance with our Occupational Health and Safety and Environmental Management Procedures. All our employees are site safety induced and have induction cards and experience for all the tasks we undertake.

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